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Gemini New Moon & Your Zodiac Mantra

The New Moon in Gemini arrives June 3 bringing us a giant fresh breeze of adventure. This air sign is one of the most enthusiastic and intelligent so be prepared to be feeling more optimistic about life and your current situation and plans. Gemini will inspire you to seek a lot of knowledge for your growth and question your current ideas. Have you been feeling interested in going back to school? Taking some courses or in the mood to read? Do you feel some sort’ve intellectual shift? Don’t second guess trying something new for your life for life is all about “trying” and learning. This is a period of lots of enlightenment and your soul will feel like it’s soaring. There will be...

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5 ways to Ensure Good Vibes in a New Home:

Moving to a new home is one of the best things one can do energetically when we are ready for a fresh start. When one moves, they leave behind many things including experiences and memories they may want to let go of. To ensure a fresh new start in your new space, there's a handful of things to take into consideration  before you bring in your furniture and the rest of your belongings.  Here's 5 steps to ensure good vibes in a new home:  1. Sage...Before you bring in any belongings, make sure you clean the home. Purchase a sage, light it and walk around the entire home up and down allowing the smoke to clear out any energy from the...

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Full Moon: Scorpio: Zodiac Prediction

On May 18, 2019 a full moon in Scorpio rises. Full Moons are the end of a chapter and a time to leave the past of what no longer serves us behind. Letting go can be challenging for many, but there are far greater adventures awaiting you. This new journey is bursting with joy, prosperity, love and everything that your soul deeply desires. The only way to draw more of what you want is to cut ties with what you don't want.  Scorpio is a water sign. Water tends to move emotions inside so don't be surprised if you find yourself revisiting old wounds or fears and crying it out. You haven't fully healed and that's why you are experiencing this...

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New Moon in Taurus, May 4

  On May 4, 2019 a new moon will rise in Taurus. You will look up in the sky and will not see her for you she wants you to remember at the start of new beginnings we must allow our inner light to guide us. New moons are the birth of a new cycle. The start of a new chapter. An opportunity to do what we have been putting off or a new idea that came to us. We all must start from scratch during this time and be brave to begin.  This new moon is in Taurus. A sign of stability, stubbornness and grounding. May is also the month to recognize mother's and pay homage to all the...

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Pink Full Moon in Libra this April

  On Friday April 19, a full moon in Libra will rise and bouncing back more balance  into our lives. Libra is a master at looking at both sides of any situation while using their scale to weigh both outcomes before proceeding forward with any obstacle, situation and big decision making. This month, get excited because many resolutions are reached and the course of your life is onto a better route. Let's cheer to that! Here's what to expect for the Full Moon & How to Harness The Energy:                                                               ...

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