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Fire Cupping: A Healthy Alternative to Heal

A year ago, I tried my first fire cupping session to see if it would melt away stress and anxiety. I love trying alternative healing methods and Fire cupping is the most traditional, form of Chinese medicine. It uses glass cups and fire to create suction and pull out toxins, knots and revive achy muscles. Within, the first two minutes of my session, I felt the type of zen you get from an hour long massage and I was hooked. Is it painful? Although it may look like it is, it is anything but. In fact, you can have your practitioner also adjust the pressure of the cups in case it’s tugging too much at the skin and giving you...

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How to Cut Out Toxic People Gently

We have all experienced a toxic person at one point in our lives. This could be anyone from an ex to a friend to even a family member. Perhaps, you hoped it was "just a phase" that person was going through. Yet, it turns out, it has been over a year now and they don't seem to have grown much. Maybe you thought spending less time with them, would alleviate the situation, but in fact it didn't leave a dent.  If you reached the level of having a heart to heart and confronting them on the matter, yet nothing has changed. It might be time for you to take a break for a while to see if they can grow...

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Full Moon Mantras

A full moon in Sagittarius arrives Monday, June 17. Get ready to get strong-willed, honest and more ambitious in your dreams. This fire sign means business. So if you have been wanting to take action, well, Sag's energy is gonna kick us all into high gear with achievement after achievement. That can mean speaking up for yourself to booking that trip you've had on your Pinterest board to launching a new business. Also, don't be surprised to find yourself more optimistic about what you do. Sag's are the most positive of signs.  So get ready to do it big this month. Everything is in your favor when you got a full moon shining for you.  Don't forget to cleanse your space...

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Gemini New Moon & Your Zodiac Mantra

The New Moon in Gemini arrives June 3 bringing us a giant fresh breeze of adventure. This air sign is one of the most enthusiastic and intelligent so be prepared to be feeling more optimistic about life and your current situation and plans. Gemini will inspire you to seek a lot of knowledge for your growth and question your current ideas. Have you been feeling interested in going back to school? Taking some courses or in the mood to read? Do you feel some sort’ve intellectual shift? Don’t second guess trying something new for your life for life is all about “trying” and learning. This is a period of lots of enlightenment and your soul will feel like it’s soaring. There will be...

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