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10 Rituals to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice kicks off a new season: Summer. People all over the world celebrate this transitional time with different rituals between the dates of June 21 through the 24th. It is said honoring the season helps one to invite in a myriad of blessings and abundance. Being clear about what you’d like this season to be about it equally important. You can gain some clarity by first journaling what spring brought you and from there seeing what you desire next. Everything is possible for us to have in our lives. The trick is to believe in our desire with faith. Doing monthly check ins throughout the season is advised. 

Here’s some of top Summer Solstice rituals to try:

1.Use a Sunwheel to set intentions on. Summer is connected with yang energy, the solar plexus and longer days of light so it’s a way to harness the sun energy further. You can download mine here. Make sure to write down your intentions on the rays and then set in the sunlight to charge.

2. Journaling as we shift from a new season it’s important to self-reflect on what Spring brought you. What blessings came, what lessons were learned and what you’re ready to experience during summer. 

3. Make a “I let go” list of things you want to let go of so you can welcome the abundance you desire. It can be feelings, limiting beliefs, a job, a home, a specific person or more. Then, go outside and safely burn it. You can bury the ashes.

4. Work with crystals like citrine, amber, carnelian or symbols of the sun to harness more energy onto your intentions. You can place the crystals over your intentions.

5. Clean your space using essential oils like lemon and orange and then organize it. Moving around 9 pieces of furniture big or small is also a good way to change up the energy. For bigger pieces like heavy indoor or outdoor furniture think of hiring a company like Mt. Zion Moving & Storage LLC. They can assist in all your Summer Solstice needs.  

6. Decluttering your space is also key. Remember that your space is a reflection of your soul. The more excess you have, the harder it becomes tocreate space for the abundance you desire. Think of redecorating in a minimalist style. Florida residents can rely on the Tampa long distance moving company Mt. Zion Moving & Storage LLC to help them. They make the process easier and faster.  

7. Whip up a delicious meal using yellow and orange fruits and vegetables to honor the sunshine. Think bananas, peppers, oranges, carrots, mangoes, cantaloupe, apricots and more. Then, either celebrate at home with some candlelight or pack it up for a picnic in the sunshine. 

 8. Meditate to receive future glimpses of yourself this summer. My guidebook has an easy to follow 10 minute meditation that will bring you visions, guidance and messages you are looking for.  

9. Decorating your space is another great way. Think of throwing orange or yellow pillows on a couch. Maybe getting a soft gold blanket to cuddle in. Perhaps, adding metal accents such as  a frame that shows a picture of you smiling. That type of photo attracts more joy. Another simple way to decorate, is to consider changing the linens to a lighter tone and the art work in the room.

10. Make a flower crown or bring in seasonal flowers. Flower crowns are a long time Summer solstice tradition of Scandinavia. Many people believe flowers and herbs picked up during Summer Solstice have magic energy. If making a crown isn’t your thing, try bringing in seasonal flowers like the lovely Sunflower. If you’re looking for love, roses are advised just make sure to cut off the thorns as they can create static energy in home.

Hope you found these tips useful and wishing you a lovely summer! 

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