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Summer Solstice Meditation + Guidebook

Summer Solstice Meditation + Guidebook

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This downloadable 19-page workbook is designed to help you create the best Summer experience the next 3 months filled with prosperity, joy, goals achieved, and all the abundance you seek. 

Every month, we will meet on a live on instagram to do our check ins and use our guidebook to see what's manifested and how we can continue to harness this great energy of light. 

Included is: a sun-wheel to use to write your intentions in and set in the sun, feng shui tips, best rituals for solstice, monthly check ins, how to set a totem and more. 

I am excited to meet with you all  Tuesday June 21 at 7p.m. for Summer Solstice on ig live. I will announce the July, August + September meet ups as well. 

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