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Full Moon in Gemini a Time for Transfomation: November 23

November has been a month of lots of celestial activity and we complete the cycle at the end of Thanksgiving. Talk about coming full circle to the thing we need to have most in our life: gratitude. At the core of our existence, we must appreciate all that we have, all that we've learned, all that we are and the all the wishes that are coming our way. This Full Moon referred to as the Beaver Moon is in Gemini. Now, Gemini is an air sign and twins are never the same although some may look identical. This Full Moon will shine a light on repeating patterns or the same kind of people that you've been attracting and should finally depart from....

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Venus in Retrograde & A New Moon Arrives, What To Know & Do

Venus is in Retrograde and that means relationships, in general, will be affected across the board from romance to friendships to even colleagues until November 16. Retrograde brings everything to the surface that finally needs to be resolved. It will nudge you till you do, too.  Is it time to end a relationship or tell your boss you're being overworked or need a raise? Perhaps a certain family member needs to be distanced or brought back into your life. Whatever it is, it is time to reflect and address the situation with the highest compassion and kindness for we are all souls on a journey growing at different speeds.  Single ladies out there, exes are sure to be reaching out. Be prepared to sage them away and start using...

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Full Moon in Aries : 5 Easy Steps to Prepare

The Full Moon enters fiery Aries. It's time to channel your inner fire and use it as personal fuel this Fall to jump forward to new beginnings. Here are 5 easy steps to prepare for this evening's full moon and make the most of the energy.  1.To set your spark, think about what you love and desire and now envision it in your life. That will allow the kundalini energy to rise within and remind you of the passion inside you. Passion is what drives us to move forward and not give up.   2. Release your worries, past errors, pain and let them become ashes. Those are memories that you need to burn and release in order to move forward. Emotions...

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