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8 Steps Write a Burn Letter & Ritual

Burn letters are a great way to release the energy between you and someone else. They can be used to bring harmony to a relationship you wish to continue or not. This can be done with anyone. A family member, co-worker, friend or love interest.

These are the 8 steps to creating one: 
1. Burn letters are letters you write to release yourself of matters that are taking your chi aka life force.
2. This is a peaceful but potent ritual that will give you lots of healing instantly.
3. You write the letter to someone specific or just listing whatever you want to let go of. Allow whatever you need to say to all pour out.
4. Once you have written it, fold it and light it. Then, say, universe I ask you to release me of this energy and bring peace & light to all involved.
5. Then, meditate for a few minutes observing your spirit settling in and retrieving its chi back.
6. You can do some light yoga stretching, drink water and rest.
7. You can do these letters at anytime.
8. They are great for transmuting energy and releasing karmic cords.

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