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222 Portal + How to Work with It

Meaning of 222

222 is an angel number that reminds us to stay in the energy of our intentions. It calls us back whenever we veer off course.

Today, is a powerful day, where the energy is doubled and we can send extra light and blessings to our intentions.  


Here are some ways to work with the 222 portal

  •  1. Reflect on your recent New Moon intentions and add tweak new ones.
  •  2. Check to make sure your intentions clear and detailed. Do they start with "thank you universe for x." Have you added details? 
  •  3. Now, ask yourself what is your action for each intention. What are you going to do to step towards it?  For example, I am manifesting a healthier lifestyle. My action is recording my daily intake of food and water, enrolling in daily exercise classes and meditating every evening. 
  • 4. Now light a candle and then envision the light igniting each intention with love. Then, say, thank you for blessing my life. I am ready to receive you in divine timing. 
  • 4. To amplify even more, create a vision book with images symbolizing what you want to manifest for future you. Vision books tell the universe with images and words, exactly what you want and helps you to keep track. It's like your own beautiful story. Make sure you revisit it 2x a month. Full Moons or New Moons are always a good time for angel portals like this. 
  • 5. Meditate today or visualize on your intentions. Feel it, see it, and get in touch with the feeling of having it. The light you send today will be doubled. 
  • 6. Show gratitude and give thanks for what is about to manifest for you.
  • 7. Do the activities that bring you joy to keep your vibration in alignment. Things like spending time with loved ones, exercise, reading a book. 

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1 comment

  • I love this and you for doing this ! Thank you so much ! You’ve helped me with so many different things since I started following you !! I truly appreciate you and your energy. Xo

    • Kimberly