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Full Moon in Pisces: Restarting Our Flow

It's time to channel your inner mermaid. This Sunday, August 26, a full moon rises in Pisces. This moon is about flowing, creativity, connecting with the dream world and tapping into our psychic abilities. After a tough Retrograde filled with many lessons, Pisces moon will wash us anew and make us feel ready to go after our passions. Our dreams drive us and often times, we allow obstacles to stop "our flow" and eventually some of us give up. Yet, re-starting "our flow" is what this moon is all about.   What did you put off that has been on your mind lately? Is there something new yo want to embark on? You will be getting a new burst of...

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July Full Moon & Eclipse

Full Moon got you in your feelings? On July 27, 2018 there will be a full moon (aka Blood Moon) in Aquarius and an eclipse happening, but you've probably been feeling some type of way, the last few days. Maybe you've been extra emotional, a bit more energized, having poignant dreams or just some interesting things happening that you didn't see coming. (Pause. Inhale. Exhale and repeat through it all). This time is one of heightened sensitivity so make sure to self-care and slow down to avoid melt-downs. Eclipses show us what is deep inside of us that still needs to be healed or released. Sometimes, it even brings light to a situation or a person in your life. Disguises...

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How Journaling is an Easy Tool to Help You Manifest Quicker

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools you can incorporate in your life to help you manifest your goals quicker. It's a proven method for many master manifesters who are constantly attracting everything they want from money to relationships to travel. When I started practicing journaling almost 8 years ago, I was astonished to see how quickly things would come to fruition and how I was basically writing out my journey. I still practice it and I would love to share this tool of success with you.  Here's why you should incorporate this tool into your daily routine: 1. It helps you organize what you REALLY want and focus on that.  2. Journaling is a way to visualize goals. You're taking what's on your...

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