How to Pair Your Crystals

By: Stephanie Castro

Crystals are like the Megan Markle’s of the spiritual world - well-known, but how much do we REALLY know about them?

They’ve been around for centuries and have gained tons of popularity with the current uproar around all things spirituality. With all the conversations on crystals it becomes a question of “how can we use these to our advantage?” The answer is simple. Narrow it down to what you need.

In need of attracting positivity, building self-love and even preparing for a romantic partnership? There’s a crystal for that. Your co-workers giving you envidiosa vibes? Hey, girl, hey there’s a protection crystal for that too. 

Once you’ve narrowed down what you need in your life, start researching! Luckily, I’ve done some of it for you to make your lives a little easier. I’m even sharing the best crystals to pair together - conscious coupling is in right now (like Gwenyth but not). 

Rose Quartz + Black Tourmaline

A true power couple. Rose Quartz is meant to bring love, balance and harmony into your life. Most commonly known as the love stone, many use it when they’re ready to bring romantic love into their lives and also to help heal emotional wounds. The stone creates positive vibes that raise your frequency and vibration allowing someone on your level to be invited into your life *cue Ciara’s Level Up*. On top of that, Rose Quartz promotes the ever-powerful self-love - because you can’t love someone without loving yourself.

You may be asking yourself why does this pair well with Black Tourmaline? Black Tourmaline is a protection stone with serious benefits. It deflects negative energy and protects you from it as well. By pairing the two stones together you’re warding off those energy vampires and bringing in people to your life who want nothing more than to be surrounded by your loving, positive aura. 

Crazy side story - I’ve heard of many people who keep Black Tourmaline in their purse or on their office desk and the stone cracks. Yes, you read that right - CRACKS INTO NOTHING. That’s the negative energy the stone picks up. 

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Amethyst + Selenite

Amethyst is actually an intuitive stone. Many psychics like it because of its power to open up your third eye and listen to your intuition (that gut feeling we should ALWAYS listen to). I personally like to keep mine on my nightstand because it’s connected to the crown chakra, making it very important to have near you as you sleep and dive into your subconscious. It even intensifies your dreams which aids lucid dreamers. Some people even like putting it in their pillow case, so it’s closer to their head. It even serves as a fabulous meditative stone, allowing the user to channel different energies and effectively communicate with their spirit guides.  

Much like Amethyst, Selenite is also connected to the crown chakra (and makes for a beautiful touch on your altar as well). Selenite has healing properties that clears energy blockages, kick-starts fluidity and enhances your intuition and awareness. With its cleansing energy, Selenite brings calmness and stillness making it easier to tap into your higher power and purify your aura. 

Fun fact: Amethyst effects are enhanced when combined with Rose Quartz and Selenite and Black Tourmaline will clear the energy of any space. Just in case you wanted to mix and match. 


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Malachite + Clear Quartz

Malachite is the equivalent of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly - it’s a transformation crystal! If you’re ready to make positive changes in your life and take your desires to the next level, Malachite is key. Referred to as the manifestation crystal, Malachite helps ground you and intensify your beliefs and desires. The next time you’re manifesting, hold the crystal and say your intentions. This not only programs the crystal, but deepens the call to the universe. Just remember to be specific when manifesting. 

Clear Quartz is a cleansing crystal similar to Selenite, but not necessarily meant to be paired with a stone. The same way you use a cleanser to wash your face to remove impurities, Clear Quartz helps cleanse and detoxify each crystal so its full potential can be harnessed. The purpose behind it is to amplify each crystal while boosting your energy.


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Hopefully this post helps guide you on your spiritual journey and makes it a little easier to navigate the world of crystals. 


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