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20 Ways to Feng Shui + Bring Good Energy Home

20 Ways to Feng Shui + Bring Good Energy Home

One of the fastest ways to bring good vibes into your life is to Feng Shui your space. 

How to Pair Your Crystals


By: Stephanie Castro

Crystals are like the Megan Markle’s of the spiritual world - well-known, but how much do we REALLY know about them?

They’ve been around for centuries and have gained tons of popularity with the current uproar around all things spirituality. With all the conversations on crystals it becomes a question of “how can we use these to our advantage?” The answer is simple. Narrow it down to what you need.

In need of attracting positivity, building self-love and even preparing for a romantic partnership? There’s a crystal for that. Your co-workers giving you envidiosa...