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20 Ways to Feng Shui + Bring Good Energy Home

One of the fastest ways to bring good vibes into your life is to Feng Shui your space. 

Just ask Erin E King MBA, REALTOR(R), who is a Compass Realtor and is currently helping many wanting to move to Florida with their home needs. You can see more of his portfolio here and some of his homes for sale in Avondale.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy forces to harmonize and bring balance to your home and life. Right now in Florida in the 

There are many ways to Feng Shui.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites and why.

  • Fill about a bowl of oranges to attract abundance. Place it in your kitchen or living room. 
  • Place a mirror at your home work desk to increase creativity and the flow of money. 
  • Hang Feng Shui Bells on your front door to cleanse the energy every time you or a guest comes in and out of your home. 
  • Use Jasmine essential oil to attract love. You can burn in it a diffuser. 
  • Put two pink quartz together to attract a romantic partner. Place in the SW corner of your home or in your bathroom or bedroom which are also known as the love areas in homes.
  • Turn on all four burners for a few minutes to the shift the energy. Doing so helps to reset and bring good news.
  • Buy a money plant + place in the SE corner of your home to bring money and luck.
  • If your romance life needs a little help, place two eggs under your bed for 3 days to cleanse the energy. Then toss out in the trash. 
  • If you’ve been craving change, use a home-made salt scrub to scrub off old energy + allow new vibes in, 
  • When it comes, to your doorway, placing a black crystal like onyx, tourmaline, obsidian or agate will repel negative energy from entering.
  • Candles bring the fire element into your home, this ignites passion. If you use a cinnamon one, it can also bring money. It’s a spice that has been used for years for exactly that. You can also sprinkle it on food or boil it.
  • Ganesha is the remover obstacles. If you need assistance overcoming a block, I recommend printing a photo and placing in a frame, wearing a necklace with Ganesha or placing the figurine in the NE corner of home
  • Trouble sleeping? Sprinkle lavender on your bedsheets, pillows and comforter to help your relax.
  • Speaking of bedroom, it’s important to keep all electronics out of the bedroom including a tv, cellphone and compu ters which not only prevent from sleeping well, but also are known to cause lack of intimacy and romance in a relationship. 
  • The bedroom should not have any mirrors which is bad luck for couples nor should it have any photos that are not reflective of romance. Any family or friends photos can be placed in living room but not in bedroom. 
  • Red candles are great to burn in bedroom as they ignite love and passion.
  • Another great cleansing tool for home is to fill up a bowl of water, add a tablespoon of salt and a slice of lemon. Place anywhere in your home and it will soak up any negative energy. Toss out after 3 days. Repeat if necessary.
  • Detoxing your space and donating items that you haven’t used is a fast way to double up on good vibes, Remember, less is more. We often hold on to things we don’t need. Letting go helps one feel lighter and attract more abundance. 
  •  Incorporate the “Laughing Buddha” if you are desiring to bless your life with more joy and laughter. Place in your living room. I placed mine inside my Peace Lily Plant. 
  • Speaking of plants, house plants not only beautify your home, but also provide more oxygen and are an easy way to bring the wood element for grounding into your home. 
  •  Using all four elements, wood, fire, air and water in your home will create balance and blessings into your home. For example, wood can be represented by plants or wooden objects/furniture. Fire can be incorporated, with candles, the color red and items that have metal in them. For air, use white walls and open windows. Water is easy with colors like blue and mirrors.

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