Why Full Moon's Are Important & What to Do on One



Full moon's have had a mystique for centuries. Today, there is no denying that the moon effects our mood and behavior. Sometimes it makes people feel restless, lose lack of sleep, sensitive and feel a little rambunctious. Full moons in a spiritual sense mark the end of a cycle in one's life and allows a new cycle to start with the New Moon. It the very reason so many people are feeling so many emotions. Old feelings are always living our bodies, too. Don't be afraid to cry or speak your truth. 

Here's 7 things to do leading up to a Full Moon: 

1. Sage: Full Moon's mark the end of a cycle. It is important to sage out old energy to refresh your space and yourself. New energy brings new opportunities. 

 2. Clean and organize your space. Energy gets trapped inside spaces and you'll want to clean and organize so that any stagnant energy is removed. You'll notice as you clean that energetically you feel lighter. That is a definite sign there was dead energy. If you have any dead plants make sure to toss them too. 

3. Write out what you want to release in your life and what you'd like to replace it with instead. The Full Moon is about releasing the past while the New Moon is a time to plant new seeds. For example, I release my anger and replace it with joy. I release my lack of work with lots of lucrative opportunities that I love. 


4. Light a candle and recite your intentions out loud. Let the candle burn till the end. Once your candle burns out, it means those intentions energetically have been heard. We must speak intentions out so they manifest quicker. Ever noticed when you say something it happens quicker?

5.Take your crystals out to get recharged by the Full Moon and cleansed. You can place them on a window ledge, leave them outside, wash them in ocean water or bury them. 



6. Leave a jar or cup of water outside and sprinkle water the next day onto your space, yourself and crystals. 

7. Take a moment to stare up at the moon and enjoy her light. The moon is very enlightening just sitting outside watching it will bring you peace and clarity. Don't be surprised to feel a burst of inspiration and calmness. 


Wishing you all a happy Full Moon prep, 


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