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10 Reasons to Wear + Use Crystals

Wearing crystals and gems has the power to help you feel your ultimate best.

Here's 10 reasons why using them in your practice can help you in more ways than expected. 

1. Crystals are born in nature and nature has healing properties.

2. Crystals can provide grounding when your world might need it. Our grounding bracelet is made out of wood which brings you back to mama earth and helps cleanse your aura. 

3. Crystals can bring mental clarity and wisdom through the crown and 3rd eye chakra. 

4. Crystals can enhance intuition and psychic abilities. 

5. Crystals can raise your vibration. There are different crystals for different purposes. 

6. If self-love is something you're working on, pink quartz is a great crystal to work with. 'It is has a soft nourishing energy. 

7. Crystals can be used to set intentions on and help you manifest. 

8. Crystals can also protect your home and space. Crystals for this are black tourmaline, black agate, black obsidian or onyx. 

9. Crystals can balance your energy. Selenite which is connected to the moon balances our emotions and it also cleanses other crystals. 

10. Crystals can help you sleep better, work better and overall feel your best. 

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