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How Mantras Can Help Your Meditation

How Mantras Can Help Your Meditation

If you have a hard time meditating, mantras can help you achieve a great meditation. Mantras are basically words or sound that you can repeat in your mind gently and after a few moments of doing so, you'll find yourself floating into your meditation. 

A mantra can be a sound like "om" or a phrase like "everything is working out for me." 

Perhaps there is a specific thing you want to meditate about, you can also say a mantra like "I am abundant and all is well." 

I have a meditation program for 21 days, that comes with a guidebook...

10 Reasons to Wear + Use Crystals

10 Reasons to Wear + Use  Crystals

Wearing crystals and gems has the power to help you feel your ultimate best.

Here's 10 reasons why using them in your practice can help you in more ways than expected. 

1. Crystals are born in nature and nature has healing properties.

2. Crystals can provide grounding when your world might need it. Our grounding bracelet is made out of wood which brings you back to mama earth and helps cleanse your aura. 

3. Crystals can bring mental clarity and wisdom through the crown and 3rd eye chakra. 

4. Crystals can enhance intuition and...

3 Steps to Set Intentions with Plants & Crystals

Setting intentions can be done in various ways. It can be jotted in a journal, it can be spoken, it can be lit on a candle, and even planted like a seed to grow.

 With the mark of a fresh new month and a new moon approaching November 7, this makes it an ideal time to get started on setting intentions.

Here's how to do it: 

Supplies ( sheet of paper, pen, plant, and crystals ). 

Step 1: Write out one intention per paper and for each plant. Think about what you want to grow more of in your life. Write...

How Journaling is an Easy Tool to Help You Manifest Quicker

How Journaling is an Easy Tool to Help You Manifest Quicker

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools you can incorporate in your life to help you manifest your goals quicker. It's a proven method for many master manifesters who are constantly attracting everything they want from money to relationships to travel. When I started practicing journaling almost 8 years ago, I was astonished to see how quickly things would come to fruition and how I was basically writing out my journey. I still practice it and I would love to share this tool of success with you. 

Here's why you should incorporate this tool into your daily routine:

1. It helps...