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3 Steps to Set Intentions with Plants & Crystals

Setting intentions can be done in various ways. It can be jotted in a journal, it can be spoken, it can be lit on a candle, and even planted like a seed to grow.

 With the mark of a fresh new month and a new moon approaching November 7, this makes it an ideal time to get started on setting intentions.

Here's how to do it: 

Supplies ( sheet of paper, pen, plant, and crystals ). 

Step 1: Write out one intention per paper and for each plant. Think about what you want to grow more of in your life. Write as much describing this specific intention. The more details you can provide, the faster your intention will blossom.

Step 2: Fold your paper into a tiny square and place it inside your plant. Make sure, you select a plant for the space you want it to thrive in. If it's indoors, check to see what kind of light and water it needs.


Step 3: Add a correlating crystal to your intention to give your intention  more of that energy

  • Love -Pink Quartz ( if it's self love drop 1crystal, if it's a soul mate you are wanting, than drop 2 of them)
  • Prosperity - Tiger's Eye or Citrine 
  • Strength - Citrine 
  • Clarity- Blue agate or blue sodalite
  • Money - Green Agate 

Now watch your intention grow and give it daily love and positive energy. 

xx Annie 




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