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New Moon in Aquarius: Time to Get Creative

On Monday, the wild Leo energy that had many of us with our claws out and roaring dissipates into a calmer and creative Aquarius energy. The most intellectual and progressive of the zodiacs promises to bring new fresh air into our daily lives. Aquarius is an air sign that tends to get people dreaming about the big picture and purpose. Many of us will start birthing new projects, new relationships and set off in new directions. The saying "I'll go wherever the wind takes me should be your motto this time frame. For Aquarius wants to help you soar and she will stimulate your mind in ways to help you think like no box exists. And she's right because there is no box to stay within. Anything...

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Full Moon & Eclipse (Wolf)

SIGNS AFFECTED: The intensity of this Full Moon which arrives today, (Sunday) has been affecting a few signs like Aquarius (a deep need for love), Scorpio (jealousy from others), Taurus (new shift in perspectives) & Leo (more autonomy) these last few days. If you are none of these signs then you may not have felt a lot of emotional tugging and exhaustion. Lucky you! Every moon affects signs differently. All signs as a whole are affected by the moon as we are all born from the stars. Full Moons are a heavy time of introspection and growth. HOW TO FIND THE PURPOSE: The most important question to ask ourselves today is "What do we want?" and then write it down. Go full throttle writing...

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Goodbye Mercury Retrograde, Hello New Moon Blessings

On December 6, Mercury Retrograde leaves us after giving us a good lashing on lessons and helping us let go of things that no longer served us. "Adios old me." The following morning we will wake up with a New Moon in Sagittarius that will allow us to become a magnet and draw what we want into our lives. "New Moon? Who dis?" After things slow down during a retrograde, a new moon is like the optimistic opposite where we can become a vortex moving in hyperspeed. "Come to me baby!" Sagittarius is all about adventure and helps to stir excitement & motivation in our goals. Woohoo! Are you already looking forward to 2019 and have a feeling that it's going to be...

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11/11 Unlocking The Portal

Today on November 11, you have a portal completely waiting for you to enter through. It will take you where you want to travel to in space and time. Remember this life is yours to create as you wish and write out the chapters of your life.  Stronger than a full moon and a new moon. 11:11 is the universal spiritual number of perfection and synchronicity. So how do you get into the portal? Well, it starts with steps.  On this day, it is important to do the following in the next 24 hours.  1.Sit down in a quiet space and do Automatic Writing. It is a powerful process where you connect with your higher self and the universe which will deliver messages to you and guide you on the deepest questions that may lie...

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3 Steps to Set Intentions with Plants & Crystals

Setting intentions can be done in various ways. It can be jotted in a journal, it can be spoken, it can be lit on a candle, and even planted like a seed to grow.  With the mark of a fresh new month and a new moon approaching November 7, this makes it an ideal time to get started on setting intentions. Here's how to do it:  Supplies ( sheet of paper, pen, plant, and crystals ).  Step 1: Write out one intention per paper and for each plant. Think about what you want to grow more of in your life. Write as much describing this specific intention. The more details you can provide, the faster your intention will blossom. Step 2: Fold your paper into a tiny...

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