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Annie The Alchemist's Downloadable: Guide On How to Use & Take Care of Crystals

How to Use & Take Care of Crystals

First, clean your crystals with your sage-stick or run them in water with a dash of salt. Ocean water is wonderful, too.

2. Now, set your intention on your crystal so it knows what you want it to do for you. For example, "Dear Crystal, I want you to help me relax and feel confident" or "I want you to help me find a good job that earns me this much, and I enjoy going to" or "I want you to help me heal." It can be anything you want. It is important to be as descriptive as possible.

3. You can write your intention on a sheet of paper, fold it and place your crystal over it. The more you describe how you want to feel, the quicker it will manifest with your crystal.

4. You can sleep with your crystals. You can ask them to show you what you want answers to in your dreams.

5. You can hold your crystals in your hand when you need to or tote them in your pocket or a purse.

6. You can place your crystal on your correlating chakra and meditate with them.

7. Do not share your crystals with others. If someone touches them make sure to clean them. Your energy should be the only energy on them.

8. During full moons, charge them by the windowsill. They love light.

9. If you misplace or lose a crystal, it needed a break or its' work with you has been completed.

10. Give your crystals TLC and they will give it back to you. Just like you, they are energy.

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