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New Moon in Taurus, May 4

  On May 4, 2019 a new moon will rise in Taurus. You will look up in the sky and will not see her for you she wants you to remember at the start of new beginnings we must allow our inner light to guide us. New moons are the birth of a new cycle. The start of a new chapter. An opportunity to do what we have been putting off or a new idea that came to us. We all must start from scratch during this time and be brave to begin.  This new moon is in Taurus. A sign of stability, stubbornness and grounding. May is also the month to recognize mother's and pay homage to all the...

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Aries New Moon Ignites Passion

On Friday, April 5 new passions will be ignited when a New Moon in Aries arrives to start a new a cycle in our lives. New Moons are the beginning of a new chapter and it is a time where we plants new seeds of intentions and harness the moon's energy to help them manifest quicker. Aries is a no nonsense type of sign. They are known for their fiery attitude and using it to get what they want out of life. This is a goal-getter sign and yes, quite stubborn, but isn't that a good thing when it comes to not giving up on ourselves and our dreams? This new moon benefits all signs although some signs in particular will need...

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Virgo Super Moon Helps Us to Hit the Ground Running

On Tuesday, we will be parachuting back down to earth after Aquarius took us up in the air on a beautiful ride that invited us to dream of the bigger picture. A Super Full Moon goes into earthy Virgo February 19, which means it's time to get grounded and start putting those dreams and ideas into action. An idea is an idea until you work on it and make it a reality. Are you ready to do it? Virgo is here to help you. Virgo is practical, hardworking and analytical. All wonderful attributes to arm us with getting stuff done. No matter how messy life might have felt at the beginning of the year, have no fear organization is a key component of Virgos....

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Full Moon & Eclipse (Wolf)

SIGNS AFFECTED: The intensity of this Full Moon which arrives today, (Sunday) has been affecting a few signs like Aquarius (a deep need for love), Scorpio (jealousy from others), Taurus (new shift in perspectives) & Leo (more autonomy) these last few days. If you are none of these signs then you may not have felt a lot of emotional tugging and exhaustion. Lucky you! Every moon affects signs differently. All signs as a whole are affected by the moon as we are all born from the stars. Full Moons are a heavy time of introspection and growth. HOW TO FIND THE PURPOSE: The most important question to ask ourselves today is "What do we want?" and then write it down. Go full throttle writing...

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How to Ring in 2019 with Positive Energy & a Zodiac Forecast

  A new calendar year allows you to switch gears and take control of what adventures you want to create the next 12 months. Whichever way you want to travel in 2019, it is yours if you truly want it to be. Here's 5 steps to guarantee to make it one of your best years.   Step 1: Clean and organize: everything in your space needs to be in order to signal to the universe you are ready for things to fall into place and flow in all areas of your life. Energy needs to flow and things unorganized will great barriers. So tidy up, do your laundry, mop the floors and throw away the trash.  Step 2: Sage, sage, sage: Smoke out your entire space. Under the couch, below the bed, around door...

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