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What is an Etheric Cord & Do You Need to Cut One?

 How to cut an etheric cord and why it's good to cut one

An etheric cord connects our energy bodies to other people, animals, places and objects. These cords create a psychic attachment allowing you to feel people's energy and sometimes can block you from moving forward. Ever heard of the saying "no strings" attached? Well, cords can be formed even with strangers from an intimate moment.

How do you know if you have one and need to cut one?

Here are 8 attributes of a negative cord attachment.

1. randomly thinking about the person.

2. feeling nostalgic over that person. 

3. unable to fully let go knowing they are toxic. 

4. trouble forming new relationships. 

5. stalking their social media.

6. feeling depression

7. feeling angry

8. you feel them calling you with their thoughts. 

Here's how to cut an etheric cord: 

1. Close eyes and take 3 deep inhales + exhales.

2. Next open your palm and say: I cut the cord with (person's name).

3. Then, place two fingers (index and middle) one open palm, then move to back of palm, next create a scissor shape as if cutting through your palm. Last, seal the energy with a fist on your palm.

4. This needs to be done in a quiet space and repeated until you feel a shift of energy.

5. Many times, the person will feel the release and instantly try to contact you. Repeat the ritual. You're opening new doors of joy. 


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  • Annie, this will certainly be helpful for me and I’m gonna try it.

    • Sarah
  • Thank you for this Annie sending you love towards your highest intention you want to be experiencing right now surrounded by love grace and blessings Namaste 🙏🏻

    • Angie Siriani