Fire Cupping: A Healthy Alternative to Heal

A year ago, I tried my first fire cupping session to see if it would melt away stress and anxiety. I love trying alternative healing methods and Fire cupping is the most traditional, form of Chinese medicine. It uses glass cups and fire to create suction and pull out toxins, knots and revive achy muscles. Within, the first two minutes of my session, I felt the type of zen you get from an hour long massage and I was hooked. Is it painful? Although it may look like it is, it is anything but. In fact, you can have your practitioner also adjust the pressure of the cups in case it’s tugging too much at the skin and giving you discomfort. The cups are moved around the body as well to release all tension.

Other benefits that cupping can offer someone is: improved blood circulation, relieves body pain, stiff muscles, fatigue, migraines, cellulite, anxiety and more. 

 Some people like myself bruise ( as you can see below )and it can take a few days to sometimes weeks for it to disappear. If you are planning on having sun exposure. It isn’t a good idea to get cupped before or after. After the procedure, cupping marks can sting for the first hour, but after any discomfort dissipates. 

Cupping is a safe and easy way to start feeling better today. If you live in Miami, definitely check out my go to spot: Mahima Wellness. This no frills center is located in Kendall and the practitioners like Madelyn are amazing at cupping. The center is currently having a sale this month on different packages. You can also call here: (305) 596-0858 to learn more. 

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