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How Mantras Can Help Your Meditation

How Mantras Can Help Your Meditation

If you have a hard time meditating, mantras can help you achieve a great meditation. Mantras are basically words or sound that you can repeat in your mind gently and after a few moments of doing so, you'll find yourself floating into your meditation. 

A mantra can be a sound like "om" or a phrase like "everything is working out for me." 

Perhaps there is a specific thing you want to meditate about, you can also say a mantra like "I am abundant and all is well." 

I have a meditation program for 21 days, that comes with a guidebook...

Fire Cupping: A Healthy Alternative to Heal

A year ago, I tried my first fire cupping session to see if it would melt away stress and anxiety. I love trying alternative healing methods and Fire cupping is the most traditional, form of Chinese medicine. It uses glass cups and fire to create suction and pull out toxins, knots and revive achy muscles. Within, the first two minutes of my session, I felt the type of zen you get from an hour long massage and I was hooked. Is it painful? Although it may look like it is, it is anything but. In fact, you...