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5 ways to Ensure Good Vibes in a New Home:

Moving to a new home is one of the best things one can do energetically when we are ready for a fresh start. When one moves, they leave behind many things including experiences and memories they may want to let go of. To ensure a fresh new start in your new space, there's a handful of things to take into consideration  before you bring in your furniture and the rest of your belongings. 

Here's 5 steps to ensure good vibes in a new home: 

1. Sage...Before you bring in any belongings, make sure you clean the home. Purchase a sage, light it and walk around the entire home up and down allowing the smoke to clear out any energy from the previous person that lived there. Say: universe I ask you to clear all blocks and negative energy from this space and replace it with peace, laughter, joy and love. 

2. Light a Candle & Make a Wish... Light a candle and make a wish for what you want your new home to be and feel like. Leave the candle burning for as long as you feel is right and then blow it out before you leave. 

3. Bring House Plants... Plants are natural healers and they also detox the home and keep the oxygen high. Find them at Home Depot and your local plant shop can also advise you on the best ones. We recommend bringing in a Money Plant, too to breathe prosperity into your new space. 

4. Crystals... There are many crystals, but some specifically can help bring protective and loving energy to your new space. Tiger's Eye is a great crystal to summon both money and ward off negative vibes. Black Obisdian is another that transmute darkness to light. The most basic crystal Clear Quartz is actually a spiritual detoxifier. To summon angel energy, we love Celestite. You can place these crystals all together for the ultimate power. 

5. Palo Santo...Daily Palo Santo spraying or burning in the a.m. summons good vibes. It helps refresh your space and restore balance to your home and yourself. Like yourself, a home's energy needs to be maintained. 


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