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How to Cut Out Toxic People Gently

We have all experienced a toxic person at one point in our lives. This could be anyone from an ex to a friend to even a family member. Perhaps, you hoped it was "just a phase" that person was going through. Yet, it turns out, it has been over a year now and they don't seem to have grown much. Maybe you thought spending less time with them, would alleviate the situation, but in fact it didn't leave a dent.  If you reached the level of having a heart to heart and confronting them on the matter, yet nothing has changed. It might be time for you to take a break for a while to see if they can grow...

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5 ways to Ensure Good Vibes in a New Home:

Moving to a new home is one of the best things one can do energetically when we are ready for a fresh start. When one moves, they leave behind many things including experiences and memories they may want to let go of. To ensure a fresh new start in your new space, there's a handful of things to take into consideration  before you bring in your furniture and the rest of your belongings.  Here's 5 steps to ensure good vibes in a new home:  1. Sage...Before you bring in any belongings, make sure you clean the home. Purchase a sage, light it and walk around the entire home up and down allowing the smoke to clear out any energy from the...

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