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Spiritual Travel: Ireland & Scotland, a New Podcast

Almost three years ago, my life in spiritual traveling started. After I had a poignant dream about hiking and bats. My dreams speak to me a lot. I receive a lot of messages in them. Beautiful ones filled with guidance and sometimes painful ones that come with the human journey. Often my dreams point me where I need to travel too. Ireland and Scotland are two countries, I just came back from visiting and was told to visit. I spent 11 days traveling. What a significant number right? I hiked through mountains, I hunted to vortexes, I came face to face with fears like the paranormal, I cried, I laughed and I wrote down all my dreams and tossed them into the fairy pools in Scotland after speaking them out loud. It's a place that   oozes with energy and beauty. And yes, I do believe they exist. I came back a better person with more clarity and faith on what I want with my life.

On my most recent podcast with Morado Lens this is what we talk about.  Take a listen HERE 


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  • Hello! I enjoyed reading your blog! In September of 2021 I am traveling to Scotland. I feel a draw to the land for spiritual purposes. I have Scottish ancestry in my blood. I also want to experience the dark and poignant history. Could you possibly guide me as to great places to enjoy the country from a spiritual perspective?

    • Heather Schantz
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • nbxkzhfcsl