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“Pink As My Vibes” is all about Self Love Healing & Positive Energy.

One of my most healing tees, I created and love for my shop is “Pink as my Vibes.” Colors really have an impact on our daily lives and pink is known to be soothing, gentle, and all about positive vibes. It's no wonder that pink quartz crystal does the same. This is exactly why I created it. I wanted something that was light and could recharge my battery. There are days where I need a pick up and slipping onto this tee energetically calms me and reminds me to be playful.  Besides being the cutest top to don on Valentine’s Day or to gift someone. This good vibes tee is made out soft luxurious cotton that feels so good on...

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Once in a Blue Moon? 6 Ways to Get Ready for the Ultimate Lunar Event

You know that saying "once in a blue moon"? Well, on January 31, 2018 you will experience a blue moon. It's been dubbed a Super Blue Blood Moon and if that's not enough to get you excited, there will also be a lunar eclipse at the sam time. So if you've been feeling a little more passionate or perhaps daring, well that's exactly why. Many of us are sensitive to the moon energy days before it arrives and this moon in particular is already working its magic by charging people up with positivity and bringing a lot of things to light in our lives. Whatever you've been thinking about or suppressing will surface these days and it's a good thing....

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3 Steps to Close Out 2017 with Clean Energy

Everything is energy. The most sacred place is your living quarters and after that is your work space. Step 1: Cleaning and organizing both areas is one of the most powerful things you can do at the end of the year to bring good energy to both. That means hitting up each area one by one and detoxing it with cleaning products. Move around furniture, broom, vacuum and Windex every crevice in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Aim at doing one section a day if it seems like a lot at once. Chances are you'll get hooked once you feel that static energy transmute into calming energy. Also, think about donating items you no longer use, and tossing items that...

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