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Sage Versus Palo Santo Guide

Sage & Palo Santo are two of the most popular ways of cleansing energy on ourselves and our surroundings. Both are both beautiful natural ways to purify energy. I see a lot of clients who aren't sure when or how to use it. That's one of the things I like to teach during my chakra balancing sessions. Now, that I just added Sage & Palo Santo Kits to the site. I decided to create a Q&A guide to answer some of the most popular questions I receive. 

Q: How do I Sage or Palo Santo myself? 

A: Light a sage or Palo Santo stick and trace your body's silhouette starting at the crown of the head all the way to the soles of your feet and then move the stick back up. You can repeat as many times as you feel needed.   

Q: When Should I Sage ?

A: Saging clears all energy and is awesome for deep cleanings and fresh starts.  It's always good to sage when you have been out all day, during a full moon and new moon. If you just moved, started a new job, a new relationship, purchased or received a gift. 


Q: When Should I Palo Santo? 

A: Palo Santo is good for everyday since it preserves the good vibes you created and just wards off the bad juju. It's kinda like splashing water in your face in the morning  while Sage is like taking a deep bubble bath. Palo Santo is a really happy uplifting scent which you'll notice the difference once you bring both into your routine. Burn one in the morning or evening or both. 

Q: Is it important to use both? 

A: Yes, it 100 percent is important to utilize both in your life. Both ultimately have different roles during your day to day life. 

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