Reiki Happy Hour

Reiki Happy Hour

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Join us for Tuesday Reiki Meditation & Mindfulness. Use Code: "Iamjoy" at checkout to enjoy a complimentary session. 

This is donation based class in exchange for the reiki which can be made via a tip below, venemo, paypal or cashapp. This community class will be held 1x a month. 

If you can't make a monetary donation, a review is a great exchange. namaste 🙏🏼 



What is reiki?  

  •  I am certified in reiki. Reiki is energy healing that can help you achieve calmness, clarity, rejuvenation, zen and healing. It is okay to do reiki daily as it is only energy healing and you can be any age to experience it. Healing energy is sent to the 7 main chakras in your body. Chakras are energy wheels in the body that spin. Often times, when people feel stuck, it is because one or more chakras is blocked. Reiki meditation helps detox the chakras and recharges your energy so you can achieve your full potential.

What do I need for this Reiki Session ? 

  • Bring a sheet of paper or journal & pen to set an intention for the week. 
  • Sage, palo santo, incense to purify your space, if you don't have, no worries "clapping shifts energy as well. Make sure your space is clean and in order. 
  • Crystals to help you relax during reiki session also not required but they do help. Place crystals around you or on whatever area of your body you feel called too. 
  • Glass of Water 
  • Yoga mat, bed or comfortable place to lie down for reiki portion or you can sit up. Whatever feels the most comfortable. 

How will the distant reiki session work? 

  • This session begins with a check in at  6p.m. and breath work at 6:05p.m. Please be on time to do the breath work.
  • Bring a sheet of paper or a journal and a pen for the journal portion and to write down anything you saw/experienced during reiki meditation.
  • There will be intention setting & candle lighting as well as smudging.   
  • The reiki portion is 30 minutes and this portion is off-line. Reiki will be at 6:30 to 7p.m. 
  • Then we log back in for sharing at 7pm. 


What will I experience?

  • You may experience waves of calming energy
  • You may see colors (purple, white light, red, orange, green, brown, yellow.) Each color is connected to a chakra. A chakra is an energy point in the body and when it is blocked it prevents us from moving forward in certain areas of our lives. (see above) If you see a color. It means that chakra was blocked and is now healing. 
  • You may see an ancestor or family member deliver a message
  • You may see animals. There is a message an animal (look it animal totem for specific animal you saw.)
  • You may feel clarity on a situation
  • Most people feel energized and zen
  • Some people go into a deep meditation that feels like sleep and wake up feeling like they had the best nap.   
  • Tingles, waves of energy
  • Some people cry. Reiki releases energy that no longer serves you and allows true healing. In order to heal, we must feel. 


  • I will play music for this session or you can use: 
  • Use my meditation playlist on spotify called AnnietheAlchemist if you would like to hear music while you receive the reiki.
  • If you have crystals, set them around you so they can also get reiki charged. You may also place on your body wherever feels comfortable.

After Reiki session:

  • Drink lots of water. You shifted energy within.
  • As the days go by, you may notice feelings of calmness and awareness.
  • Eat healthy. Listen to your body intuitively and try to feed it accordingly.
  • Write down what you experienced or what messages came to you.
  • Connect the chakra color you saw with your current situation. Does it make sense? 
  • Remember everything you need is within you. Reiki is here to help remind you of that and help you achieve through your journey.


  • If you can take a moment after the session to review my services or a purchase you made. I am forever grateful for your time. Doing so helps, my small business grow and allows me to better serve your needs.


Thank you and looking forward to having you.

Namaste, Annie