Vision Book Workbook

Vision Book Workbook

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Create the ultimate vision book and start 2022 with clear energy and fully charged for the abundance you want to receive with my workbook. Next, class is January 30 2022  on IG LIVE at 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (est). Log into IG LIVE. I will go through workbook with you, give you examples and play the soundbowls to help you connect with your guides to envision the best for yourself. The guidebook explain the supplies you need & more.  This is the day before the Full Moon so we will also be talking about Full Moon practices as well. 

  • This 12 page workbook is a more in depth supplement to your creations. It includes: 
  • A 12 month Planner which is a proven strategy to make your intentions come alive each month. 
  • A Journal Section that prompts you with questions so you can ignite your limitless power in 2022.
  •  Best strategies for putting together your vision book. 
  • A Venn-Diagram to show you, your growth on the journey.
  • Check Off List 

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