Personalized Reiki Via Video + Angel Card Drawing

Personalized Reiki Via Video + Angel Card Drawing

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Have a big goal you want to put positive energy on or a concern you want healing energy sent to? Get a personalized reiki session from me. 

Within 72 hour of purchase date: 

  • Reiki will be sent to your situation/concern/goal. (10 minutes to each chakra) Video will be sent to you to watch. You can open the reiki as well and use whenever you need it. It is recommended you listen with eyes closed.
  • Includes cord cutting (etheric cords that have been draining your energy.) 
  • 3 Cards will be drawn on your intention if you don't have one,I will ask for messages for you. 
  • 1 candle lit for the session for you. 
  • For best results always recommended to do 1 intention with notes at a time. 
  • Everything is explained and walked through. 

(please note these will be available beginning June 20 and take 72 hours to process sometimes).  

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