Mini Soundbowl Sessions + Angel Readings

Mini Soundbowl Sessions + Angel Readings

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Need to soothe your spirit and get clarity? My personalized certified mini sound-bowl sessions are finally here! Each session will be video-taped and created for you to have the most refreshing and celestial experience. 

Here's what it includes: 

  • 10 minutes of a sound-bowl playing a special tune for your intention/goal.
  • Opening of sacred space.
  • 3 card pull with messages from your angels/ancestors
  • Messages from sound-bowl after
  • Candle lit for you.
  • Your own video to keep and play at anytime. 
  • You can listen with your eyes closed to get the most + receive messages.

(Please note these will be available starting June 20 and take up to 72 hours to process).