Little Love Crystal Kit
Little Love Crystal Kit

Little Love Crystal Kit

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Love can be complicated, but our "Little Love Kit" is here to help. Our special kit includes everything you need to help you draw love into your life. It includes: 

  • Rose Quartz Stone aka (rose quartz heart) for self-healing and to draw healthy loving relationships into your life. Place on your chest to super charge your heart with love. 
  • Clarity aka (Blue Agate) to give you clarity with matters of the heart. Place on your 3rd eye to ignite your intuition. 
  • Clear Quartz is the mama stone of all crystals and helps you supercharge your intentions with both crystals. 
  • Sage stick aka the energy clearer. Use sage to clear all energy off yourself, crystals and home to bring in new loving energy.
  • Palo Santo stick is your go-to-stick for daily doses of good energy. Clean yourself daily with it to lock in loving good energy. 
  • Satchel- carry your crystal kit with you on the go when you travel.