Lion's Gate Portal: 8 Days of Prayers + Reiki + Oracle Day

Lion's Gate Portal: 8 Days of Prayers + Reiki + Oracle Day

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8 day ritual: If you're ready to unite yourself with your intention. Then, this 8 day ritual of 8 minutes at 8 a.m. is what you need to sign up for. You can choose to do the 8 days of prayer with me or I can do it all for you. Both work. All I need is your name and 1 intention. At 8p.m. (est) I will continue on my own the second round of prayers. 

How it works: Every morning you will log in for an 8 a.m. 8 minute session beginning on August 1 to August 8. Check in is at 7:58 a.m. so we can begin promptly on time and harness the 8 energy. If you are late, please pick up wherever we are. If you cannot make it for one day, I am still doing the work for you morning and evening. Don't worry. Surrender. 

What are rituals like: Each ritual will be different and unique. You feel stronger, clearer and one step closer to your intention each day. I will have a special portal created for your names and each day it will be called out and during each session. 

I am excited to offer this powerful ritual with all of you and see the colossal beautiful changes that come through for you. 

Oracle Day: On August 8, the last day after the ritual, I will do a pendulum and card session for all participants. That will be an hour long. You can ask a specific question. If you are not logged in. I will pull 2 cards for your message. It will be recorded. 

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