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How to Make a Vision Book + 21 Meditations for Envisioning 2023

How to Make a Vision Book + 21 Meditations for Envisioning 2023

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Our best seller is back with a fresh new look and 21 days of guided instruction and meditations to help you create your best year yet in 2023. How to Make a Vision Book course and 21 Meditations for Envisioning 2023 is the best course out there.

Here's why: 

1. Annie is a Chopra graduate in Meditation, a certified reiki and sound-bowl instructor, too. She teaches for top tier brands such Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Swire Hotels, Arlo Hotels and Bowman-Biltmore Hotels to name a few. 

2. Annie's own vision books have helped her land in the pages of Vogue, NBC, The Today Show,  travel the world with top brands and make 6 figures. She is proof you can manifest your dreams with these books. 

3. The course is divided into 10 minute instruction, 10 minute meditation and 1 minute opening and closing sacred space. 

4. Next, Vision Book meet up is on Wednesday January 4 at 7 p.m. (est) Revisiting vision books is a beautiful exercise to do during the Full Moon vortex and New Moon.

5. The guidebook is 17-pages and can be printed our or kept as reference in desktop. There is a link in guidebook that takes you to the daily videos. It highlights everything in easy to follow steps. There are examples, and thorough explanation. Annie uses her 7 year teacher experience for Miami-Dade Public Schools to make learning easy and feasible for all learners.

6. The course is automatically yours upon purchase with an easy download. Please make sure your email is up to date before purchasing. 

7. You can go at your own pace to complete your Vision Book. 

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