Good Protection Crystal Kit
Good Protection Crystal Kit

Good Protection Crystal Kit

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Our 2021 Good Protection kit has everything you need to protect your energy and space. This powerful constantly clears negative energies and from penetrating your aura and your space. . 

Kit includes: (6 hand picked reiki'd crystals, sage, palo santo, crystal guide and satchel. 

  • Selenite wand - the wand cleanses your magnetic field and your space. Pass over your silhouette to feel the instant recharge and move around each space at home or office.  
  • Black Tourmaline: this giant crystal can be placed by doorway to stop any negative energy from entering. You can also place outside in a plant pot. 
  • Amethyst: brings calm and harmony in your space. Wonderful to keep anywhere in home where you want to bring gentle healing. Also, helps to promote deep sleep. 
  • Citrine: Place at work desk or in kitchen if you're trying to eat healthier. This is all about inner strength, confidence and willpower. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Gives you extreme clarity and helps you get glimpses into your future when placed on 3rd eye. Make a wish on it and place in bedroom for dreams with messages or work desk. 
  • 1 Palo santo stick
  • 1 sage stick
  • 1 Crystal guide to use and take care of crystals
  • Satchel