Full Moon Reiki + Bay Leaf Release

Full Moon Reiki + Bay Leaf Release

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Have a special intention for the Full Moon. The Bay Leaf ritual is one of the most potent and popular ways to set one. Simply, select from the drop down menu your intention. It can be for you or a loved one. 

List the name as you would like it to appear above. It will be hand-written   by me and reiki'd before being released into the Atlantic Ocean. All bay Leaves will be shown unless you specify not too. Then, on August 11 they will be taken to the Atlantic Ocean and released after our online meditation. 

You can tune in at 7a.m. (est) to participate in the meditation, receive reiki and see your Bay Leaf being released. This is for the August 11 Full Moon. 

Last day to register is Wednesday August 10 at 8 p.m. (est).

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