Career & Money Crystal Kit
Career & Money Crystal Kit

Career & Money Crystal Kit

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Our Career & Money Kit is the perfect kit to help you energetically help draw in your career and money manifestations. Includes:

  • Tiger's Eye - a great stone for entrepreneurs and those switching careers. (Place on root chakra)
  • Blue Agate - a crystal for clarity which aids with guidance along the way and opening up your natural intuition. (Place on 3rd eye)
  • Clear Quartz - used to supercharge other stones and help you with your intentions. (Hold in hand)
  • Sage wand- Clears away all energy for renewal. Great to use at your workspace or home. 
  • Palo Santo- Use daily to bring in good vibes with your intentions. Use on yourself and at your workspace. 
  • Satchel- a natural satchel to carry your kit wherever you go.