2021 Crystal Kit
2021 Crystal Kit

2021 Crystal Kit

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Our 2021 Crystal Kit has everything you need to kick start your new year with love, abundance, protection, and good vibes. 

Kit includes: (6 hand picked reiki'd crystals, sage, palo santo, crystal guide and satchel. 

  • Green Aventurine- a lucky crystal. Use to set an intention wherever you need more luck.
  • Pink Quartz Hearts- two pink quartz hearts for romantic love in your current relationship or to attract it.
  • Angelite- to invoke angel energy in your space and feel extra protected. Also works wonderful in resolving issues.
  • Amethyst- the calming crystal that helps squash anxiety and helps you sleep better.
  • Tiger's Eye- to help you push through to success and also wards off negative energy.
  • 2 Palo santo sticks
  • 1 Crystal guide to use and take care of crystals
  • Satchel
  • we are currently at out sage so we will be offering 2 palo santo sticks with your order.