Virgo Super Moon Helps Us to Hit the Ground Running

On Tuesday, we will be parachuting back down to earth after Aquarius took us up in the air on a beautiful ride that invited us to dream of the bigger picture. A Super Full Moon goes into earthy Virgo February 19, which means it's time to get grounded and start putting those dreams and ideas into action. An idea is an idea until you work on it and make it a reality. Are you ready to do it? Virgo is here to help you. Virgo is practical, hardworking and analytical. All wonderful attributes to arm us with getting stuff done. No matter how messy life might have felt at the beginning of the year, have no fear organization is a key component of Virgos. Have you watched Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" well this is what life is gonna start to feel like the next few days and don't be surprised, if you find yourself wanting to stay in more and clean up or you witness yourself getting the courage to say no to things you put up with for too long and finally don't want to anymore. That's called energy cleaning so you can preserve yourself and put your good vibes to better use. "I'll keep my feet on the ground and keep looking up at the stars to guide me" should be your motto this time frame. The Virgo Supermoon is eager to help us with shifting our energy. What no longer serves us, is leaving us, let it go. Full moons are the end of a cycle. Don't forget to sign up for a distant chakra cleansing and candlelit intention HERE:

Here's what to expect according to your zodiac: 


Aquarius: Dreamy and progressive as usual, the Virgo Supermoon helps you touch down and start building those business models. Whenever you feel yourself drifting back up into la la land, step outside, hug a tree and chill in nature. Girl, you of all signs need to ground yourself. Besides, it fills your heart to be in nature and that propels you to keep going. Burn our rose candle to bring nature close to your heart. 

Gemini: Sweet twins, you've been so emotional these days, but it's okay, it's all part of the process. Whatever is on your mind and heart is resolving now thanks to Virgo. Sometimes the air in you, carries you away in thoughts and you must learn to ground.  Remember to love yourself and nurture you before anyone else. Sometimes you seek too much outside validation versus looking inward and knowing all the love is within you. To ground yourself Use our sage spray to clear away that old energy and purify your space with a little healing earth.

Libra: Well, you work amazingly with this Virgo SuperMoon. It will fuel your projects and love life with plenty of balance. The energy that Virgo brings will invigorate you to make some major decisions and don't worry there won't be any regrets as you're so gifted at looking at both sides and letting your inner judge call the shots after a while. These will be decisions that will alter your course in the best way and some might be things you've had on your mind from last year. Our clarity candle can help you in case you need a boost of support.  



Aries: Oh you little firestarters, sometimes you can be impulsive and burn bridges real quick. Luckily, Virgo is the opposite and is here to tame your fiery temper. Virgo lights you up with some patience and comfort. So relax dear Aries and when you find yourself burning up internally, take a nice comforting bath and cool off. The water element does you well. Am I right? Need some extra good vibes, light our Good Vibes candle when your home. It will help soothe you.

Leo: Dominant Leos this is a wonderful time for you to let go and relax a little. Virgo comes in to help you feel more at ease and rest your fiery energy. Stop trying to take on too much Leo, everything will work out and you don't need to exhaust yourself like you've been to get it done. Start delegating some of the workloads to others or just finish what you started the following day. The King of the Jungle needs a catnap to keep going no matter the situation. Learn to rest. Our sage kit helps to bring relaxing vibes into your space. 

Sagittarius: Beautiful Sag, you are so optimistic and energetic, we love how you know how to use your energy.  This time might be a little challenging for you since you love to chase excitement and being on the go. However, Virgo is here to ground you and help you start building a firmer foundation. Sag start thinking about a new direction to do things. Use the earth energy to plant new seeds literally in a plant. Read our blog about plants.  



Pisces: The full moon in Virgo will shine a light on your shadow self. This might be an emotional time. But Pisces, you can only be your true self when you stop hiding the parts of you, you're afraid to show. None of us have it all together Pisces and we all make mistakes, we are human after all even if most of us perceive you like the calm, cool and go with the flow mermaid babe. Just be you and know that is enough. Use our Courage & Confidence kit for extra assistance. 

Cancer:  This little crab will be a happy water baby. This is a wonderful time of a pure balance with Virgo. This is the perfect match of water and earth element. As the crab likes to walk and swim. This is a fruitful time for you Cancer. Enjoy it and get ready for abundance. When setting your intentions for Full Moon we recommend our abundance candle for some extra spark. 

Scorpio: Similar to your crustacean counterpart, Virgo's full moon will light your life with some much-needed joy and progress. It is so needed for you sweet Scorpio. The goals you set finally start manifesting and it's exciting to see it play out. The only thing we recommend is to watch your finances closely so your prosperity can triple. In other words, wait for the sale, meal prep and spend it wisely.  Burn plenty of Palo Santo to lock in the good vibes 


Capricorn: This will be a time for extreme inspiration and self-confidence. Virgo, your earth sister will help you lighten up and be more playful. Sometimes you are too serious and work-oriented that you forget to frolic in the fun. If you haven't booked yourself a trip yet, it is time you do or something you really enjoy. If anyone deserves it, it's you. Enjoy the good vibes even more with our Good Vibes Kit. 

Taurus: The bull will be trotting along and basking during this Supermoon. Get ready to charge through obstacles with ease and grace, Taurus. This period is about stability which you crave and thoroughly relish in. The ball is in your court and if you desire more good juju get our Good Vibes kit. 

Virgo: The spotlight or shall we say moonlight is shining for you earth baby. In such a short amount of time, you have made some major soul strides and let go of that perfectionist outlook that so often can imprison you from moving forward. Virgo nothing in life is perfect. It doesn't exist. The advantage you were born with is optimism. When others see the glass half empty, you see it half full. Now, remember to apply that to your everyday life. Plus, make sure to spend some time outdoors to harness your full potential.          

TIP: Remember the full moon is an ending of a cycle. It is a time to let go of what of what no longer serves us so that we can make room for new in our life. Make sure to sign up for our chakra balancing & get a candle lit HERE 

Peace, Love & Happy Full Moon! xx Annie 




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