Venus in Retrograde & A New Moon Arrives, What To Know & Do

Venus is in Retrograde and that means relationships, in general, will be affected across the board from romance to friendships to even colleagues until November 16. Retrograde brings everything to the surface that finally needs to be resolved. It will nudge you till you do, too.  Is it time to end a relationship or tell your boss you're being overworked or need a raise? Perhaps a certain family member needs to be distanced or brought back into your life. Whatever it is, it is time to reflect and address the situation with the highest compassion and kindness for we are all souls on a journey growing at different speeds. 

Single ladies out there, exes are sure to be reaching out. Be prepared to sage them away and start using the blocking feature across the board. Exes can block you energetically from meeting someone new so be cautious when allowing one in. Energy vampires come in many forms and sometimes theare exes wanting to feed off your light and love. They don't go away unless you close the door completely. 

Now it's a new moon in Libra entering this evening.  It's a time to set intentions with the October 8 New Moon that is in Libra, the master of balance. What a beautiful sign during harvest season. When manifesting jot down what you want new in your life. Light a candle, place your list underneath and let the candle it burn complete. Keep the list until the following new moon to see what came to fruition and what is still manifesting. 

 3 Must have tools during this time:

1. Sage for clearing away old energy and allow new energy to enter. We have a full collection of sage candles, sage bundles & our newest Sage Spray. Shop our collection HERE

2. Rose Quartz- rose quartz allows self-love to wrap its arms around you and give strength and courage. Check out our little love kit: HERE

3. Rose Candle- just like rose quartz, our candle summons our powerful feminine loving energy around you, it's a beautiful candle to light for strength as well as to set an intention to have more love whether romantic or friends in your life. Shop our 100% Soy wax candle HERE


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