The 411 on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is currently in full effect till March 28. While it can be a little daunting and frustrating for some to experience especially when past issues resurface and wires of communication go haywire such as technology, Retrograde isn’t all that bad considering these 5 facts.

Fact 1: People from your past will step back into your life. There will be many making amends and healing during Retrograde. This doesn't necessarily mean people will be part of your permanent posse, it only means forgiveness. Some people will run into others just to see how much they’ve outgrown another person and some people are returning permanently after your words diverged at some point.

Fact 2: Unresolved issues resurface to be solved once and for all. Whatever you’ve been putting off is going to tiptoe back open and surprise you once again. If you gave up looking for a new job, things get tense at your current one to show you it’s time to move on. Perhaps it’s a relationship that has already run its course, this time it terminates for good. Some people will have some major shedding to release so grab the tissue box because you might find yourself emotional and teary-eyed. Just cry it out and keep it moving. We must shed in order to be prepared for the next phase which involves our manifestations coming to fruition.

Fact 3: Things slow down. During Retrograde, communication is mostly affected. Things like computers crashing, calls dropping, planes being delayed, orders getting lost and words being misinterpreted are all things likely to happen. If you haven’t mastered the art of patience and quiet problem solving than Retrograde is gonna test you so it becomes your strength. Look, on the bright side, everything happens for a good reason.

Fact 4: It’s a good time to spend more time outdoors versus using technology. Since streams of communication will be affected, it’s better to take a step away from anything that is box shaped form (phone, tv, laptop) and think outside. Try a new meditation class or sign up for a cooking class. Activities that allow you to grow and be zen are advisable. Maybe it’s something as simple as sitting in a park or going for a walk.

Fact 5: Clarity comes during Retrograde. Chaotic moments summon us to think, pause and hopefully respond not react. The things that weigh you down will seem heavier during this time. It’s only pushing you to have self-reflection and arrive at a final conclusions on how to improve your life. Take the reins and start to put together a plan so that after Retrograde finishes you can put the wheels in motion with some Aries energy.


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