Taurus Full Moon: What to Know

Tonight's full moon goes into that stubborn little bull, Taurus. Been feeling a little funky and emotional these last few days? Well, Taurus is a tough little cookie that is going to keep nudging you to keep moving forward on that decision you gotta make. Unfortunately, there's no way to deal with it, but to grab this bull by the horns and listen to what it's telling you to do. Is it time to end a relationship? Is it time to take the plunge and do that thing you've been wanting to do, but have been scared to do? Life has a way of pushing us forward even when we don't feel ready. But take a deep breath because Taurus is all about trustworthiness, stability, loyalty and is here to help you restore your faith in the universe and your outcome. Believe! 

As always, full moons are a time of endings. The cycle is now over and there is a promise for a beginning.

        • Clean your space of the last energies using sage. 
        • Set intentions using a piece of paper and a candle. Write intentions down and place a candle on top of it. 
        • Place crystals in a bowl of salt water for deep cleansing or sage them and set them on the windowsill. 
        • Sit or take a walk in the moonlight to recharge your soul
        • Speak your intentions out loud to the moon.
        • Drink water and get a good night's rest. 

Lastly, this Full Moon is called Hunter's Moon because this is the last phase before our transcending stage. The old us, is getting prepared to die and that means it is time to power up and hunt for what will help us through the winter cycle. With this time, death of certain relationships ( breakup season always around the holidays), the death of old ways of thinking, the death of who you were and death of the earth. Arm yourself with the spiritual tools to prepare and if you must, mourn, but don't look back. None of us can avoid winter, it is part of our cycle. Let go of the dead weight you are carrying. Make sure your spiritual circle is tight and that you are ready. xx Love and Light Annie

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  • I am now in the 7th Decade of my life. I turned 70 on October 15th. I understand that this time has great spiritual significance for me. I can feel in my heart, my bones, my soul that I am moving with a new sence of purpose that will reveal itself to me. I await that moment with deep gratitude for what is about to unfold for me.

    • Toni McClendon