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Pink Full Moon in Libra this April

  On Friday April 19, a full moon in Libra will rise and bouncing back more balance  into our lives. Libra is a master at looking at both sides of any situation while using their scale to weigh both outcomes before proceeding forward with any obstacle, situation and big decision making. This month, get excited because many resolutions are reached and the course of your life is onto a better route. Let's cheer to that! Here's what to expect for the Full Moon & How to Harness The Energy:                                                               ...

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Libra Full Moon Brings Balance During Retrograde & Spring Equinox

It is time for some much needed balance. On Wednesday, March 20 the moon goes full in Libra bringing harmony to everything that has felt so off these last few weeks. Libra is an air sign and is all about peace, equality, and is ruled by Venus which centers around LOVE. Expect to find lots of couples getting back together and smoothing things out. The same goes with friendships and family. Single people will also benefit as it is the time for "Spring Flings." When it comes to dating, the universe says to approach it with the idea of having fun, connecting with other souls and learning about people. Dating just for a specific outcome sometimes causes you to miss...

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