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How to Ring in 2019 with Positive Energy & a Zodiac Forecast

  A new calendar year allows you to switch gears and take control of what adventures you want to create the next 12 months. Whichever way you want to travel in 2019, it is yours if you truly want it to be. Here's 5 steps to guarantee to make it one of your best years.   Step 1: Clean and organize: everything in your space needs to be in order to signal to the universe you are ready for things to fall into place and flow in all areas of your life. Energy needs to flow and things unorganized will great barriers. So tidy up, do your laundry, mop the floors and throw away the trash.  Step 2: Sage, sage, sage: Smoke out your entire space. Under the couch, below the bed, around door...

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3 Steps to Close Out 2017 with Clean Energy

Everything is energy. The most sacred place is your living quarters and after that is your work space. Step 1: Cleaning and organizing both areas is one of the most powerful things you can do at the end of the year to bring good energy to both. That means hitting up each area one by one and detoxing it with cleaning products. Move around furniture, broom, vacuum and Windex every crevice in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Aim at doing one section a day if it seems like a lot at once. Chances are you'll get hooked once you feel that static energy transmute into calming energy. Also, think about donating items you no longer use, and tossing items that...

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