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New Moon in Pisces Brings Emotions Out & Mercury in Retrograde

                                                                                                                                                       On Wednesday , March 6, will be diving into the deep blue dream world that Pisces takes us to swim in. It's time let go and let it flow despite the emotional waves that come crashing into our lives throughout this period. Especially, since our old tough love...

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Goodbye Mercury Retrograde, Hello New Moon Blessings

On December 6, Mercury Retrograde leaves us after giving us a good lashing on lessons and helping us let go of things that no longer served us. "Adios old me." The following morning we will wake up with a New Moon in Sagittarius that will allow us to become a magnet and draw what we want into our lives. "New Moon? Who dis?" After things slow down during a retrograde, a new moon is like the optimistic opposite where we can become a vortex moving in hyperspeed. "Come to me baby!" Sagittarius is all about adventure and helps to stir excitement & motivation in our goals. Woohoo! Are you already looking forward to 2019 and have a feeling that it's going to be...

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