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Pink Full Moon in Libra this April

  On Friday April 19, a full moon in Libra will rise and bouncing back more balance  into our lives. Libra is a master at looking at both sides of any situation while using their scale to weigh both outcomes before proceeding forward with any obstacle, situation and big decision making. This month, get excited because many resolutions are reached and the course of your life is onto a better route. Let's cheer to that! Here's what to expect for the Full Moon & How to Harness The Energy:                                                               ...

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Full Moon & Eclipse (Wolf)

SIGNS AFFECTED: The intensity of this Full Moon which arrives today, (Sunday) has been affecting a few signs like Aquarius (a deep need for love), Scorpio (jealousy from others), Taurus (new shift in perspectives) & Leo (more autonomy) these last few days. If you are none of these signs then you may not have felt a lot of emotional tugging and exhaustion. Lucky you! Every moon affects signs differently. All signs as a whole are affected by the moon as we are all born from the stars. Full Moons are a heavy time of introspection and growth. HOW TO FIND THE PURPOSE: The most important question to ask ourselves today is "What do we want?" and then write it down. Go full throttle writing...

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Full Moon in Gemini a Time for Transfomation: November 23

November has been a month of lots of celestial activity and we complete the cycle at the end of Thanksgiving. Talk about coming full circle to the thing we need to have most in our life: gratitude. At the core of our existence, we must appreciate all that we have, all that we've learned, all that we are and the all the wishes that are coming our way. This Full Moon referred to as the Beaver Moon is in Gemini. Now, Gemini is an air sign and twins are never the same although some may look identical. This Full Moon will shine a light on repeating patterns or the same kind of people that you've been attracting and should finally depart from....

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Full Moon in Pisces: Restarting Our Flow

It's time to channel your inner mermaid. This Sunday, August 26, a full moon rises in Pisces. This moon is about flowing, creativity, connecting with the dream world and tapping into our psychic abilities. After a tough Retrograde filled with many lessons, Pisces moon will wash us anew and make us feel ready to go after our passions. Our dreams drive us and often times, we allow obstacles to stop "our flow" and eventually some of us give up. Yet, re-starting "our flow" is what this moon is all about.   What did you put off that has been on your mind lately? Is there something new yo want to embark on? You will be getting a new burst of...

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Once in a Blue Moon? 6 Ways to Get Ready for the Ultimate Lunar Event

You know that saying "once in a blue moon"? Well, on January 31, 2018 you will experience a blue moon. It's been dubbed a Super Blue Blood Moon and if that's not enough to get you excited, there will also be a lunar eclipse at the sam time. So if you've been feeling a little more passionate or perhaps daring, well that's exactly why. Many of us are sensitive to the moon energy days before it arrives and this moon in particular is already working its magic by charging people up with positivity and bringing a lot of things to light in our lives. Whatever you've been thinking about or suppressing will surface these days and it's a good thing....

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