Rolling into Retrograde Like a Boss

You've already gone through plenty of retrogrades to know what to expect and how to deal with this period which started July 26 and will officially be done August 18, 2018. People around you might be tripping, but not you. No way! You are a Spiritual BOSS and you know how to handle anything life throws. You have come to understand that all obstacles are nothing but gift wrapping paper you are peeling off from the countless presents of growth and abundance the universe is giving you. Retrograde is a time to surrender, slow down and let the beauty of life unfold as it should. Of course, you might want to lose it one day as communication can and technology can go amok, but you won't-- not this time, honey because you have all the tools you need to get through.

                              5 things to know for Retrograde: 

1. Take the pedal off the accelerator and slow your speed. This is a time period where things slow down a bit and that means we have too as well. Approach tasks patiently and calmly to avoid any errors. 

2. Communicate softly and gently. Retrograde is in Leo and there's a lot of RAWR RAWR RAWR lion energy going around. Egos need to be massaged during this time --not bruised which could very well happen if you don't deliver your words with extra TLC. 

3. Laugh it off. There might a day or two that things start off strange or weird occurrences happen, recognize that's it's retrograde being its wacky self to teach you something like surrendering and trusting that everything is in your favor. 

4. Create zen time- Light one of our newest candles Lavender to relax or Citrus & Sage to nix clear the retrograde energy at work or at home. We recommend both. Plus, exercise, journal and do things that make you release and rejoice. 

5. Introspection- This is a period of self-awareness and shedding. How can you become a better version of yourself? What character traits no longer serve you? What old ways of thinking need to be tossed? Retrograde is a time of self-growth and when you welcome it versus fight it, you will win. Perhaps we need to be more patient or speak up with kindness and less fire. Are we too judgemental on others or hard on ourselves? How can we be better? Think of Retrograde like a giant period of final exams and how you are gonna ace these tests. 



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