Pink Full Moon in Libra this April


On Friday April 19, a full moon in Libra will rise and bouncing back more balance  into our lives. Libra is a master at looking at both sides of any situation while using their scale to weigh both outcomes before proceeding forward with any obstacle, situation and big decision making. This month, get excited because many resolutions are reached and the course of your life is onto a better route. Let's cheer to that!

Here's what to expect for the Full Moon & How to Harness The Energy:                                                                                                                                                                          

AIR SIGNS: Strut Yourself and Keep Moving Forward in Your Truth

Aquarius: March's new moon just got you back in your groove Aquarius. Now, you are finally feeling more like yourself and strutting through the little hiccups that once bruised your feelings. The journey is easier to glide through once you trust the flow of life. Libra is your sister air sign and helps to bring forth your purest authentic desires. Not everyone will understand them and to be honest have they ever? You're eccentric and a true progressive when it comes to life, but things this year only get better. Clarity is at its highest and it's all you need now to live your life in true zen. Use our clarity crystal to double up on your 3rd eye power and soak up the sunshine to recharge. 

Gemini: You should really learn to bite your tongue more. You sometimes speak without thinking and it not only isolates people from you, but it can get you into a lot of future trouble.If it isn't kind, Gemini, zip it up. This will help you navigate easier in life so you can enjoy with others more without the drama. These weeks, remember to focus on the good of every situation whether a loss, the end of relationship or when something doesn't go as planned. That is using balance. Our Jasmine candle  helps you with your process plus stay active for good energy. 

Libra: It's your moon and it's your time to shine. It's a smooth time for you and love is in the air. Don't over analyze that new love interest. Just focus on having fun and enjoying the moment. Sometimes, it's just about the experience that teaches us about us. Often times Libra, you resist engaging until it's too late and its slipped through your fingers. This time just go for it. Use our Palo Santo Spray to cleanse your aura and take a cleansing bath. 

FIRE SIGNS: You can have it all, but everything in moderation.

Aries: It's been a good run Aries just don't get carried away in the moment. Seasons are always changing. That's how life works, there's good times like now and growth periods that follow. Remember to enjoy the present moment and stay grateful especially now. If something doesn't go as planned in these upcoming weeks just know that the universe is intervening for a reason. Create a crystal kit to carry the good vibes wherever you go and play with water whether in the tub or ocean to detox. 

 Leo: Time to create a budget Leo and start saving for a rainy day. It's always wise to put money aside in case, you need it for an emergency fund or want to spoil yourself with a nice trip. It's a great time for you to make lots of money now just don't get carried away and spend it all. Create a crystal kit with citrine and tiger's eye in it to give you power to attract more wealth and jot down a list of things you'd like to let go of and replace with this full moon.

Sagittarius: Libra reminds you that balance is key for success. Being busy isn't success, but finding a happy medium for work and play is.  If you over exert yourself with too much work, you can hurt your soul and deplete it. Reschedule your calendar and create time for yourself doing things you love.  Use our Sage spray to detox yourself and revisit your calendar to shuffle things around. 


WATER SIGNS: Balance your emotions by having some more fun.                                                                                 

Pisces:  You're an over feeler and an over thinker darling, and the only way out of that is to start having a little more fun in your life. Your vibration should be joy and in the present moment. It is what the universe wants for all of us:  to be happy in the "now." When you laugh, play and do things you enjoy, you are in the present moment and not jumping into the future or past. To stay focused, cleansed your aura with our Palo Santo Spray and book more play time. 

Cancer:  You love to retreat into your shell when things don't feel right emotionally, but this season isn't the time. Libra brings a lot into the light that you've been dealing with and it's time to lean on friends and family for support. Everything has a solution. Don't put it off any longer so you can release and move forward with joy. Use our Jasmine Candle to bring soothing vibes to your situation and write a list of what needs to be released this full moon. 

Scorpio: Be mindful of your decision making these weeks Scorpio. Remember everything in life is a chain reaction. It's important to follow your heart, but not to make big decisions when in your feelings. Acknowledge your emotions, write down what you want and why. Once you have a clear vision of it, then move forward with your decision. It's a time to end certain chapters Scorpio and this full moon in Libra will help you. Use our Jasmine candle to light up love and good energy when you set your intentions. 


EARTH SIGNS: There are two sides to every situation

Capricorn: Friends or co-workers in your close knit circle may battle it out or have some sort of situation that they turn to you for support. Caps, while you do have a good sense of judgment and are wise, it's best to listen to both sides of a story quietly and give both parties this response: "Do what you think is best and follow your gut and heart."  Use our Sage spray to recharge your space or the energy around you. 

Taurus: If you have a problem, grab it by the horns and just solve it. What's the point in letting it exist if it bothers you? Just ask the universe to help you and voila it will be solved. Once you squash it, the next few weeks are going to be filled with celebration, joy and peace.  Light our clarity candle for calming and write what you are ready to let go of this Full Moon.

Virgo: Good things come to those who take chances and live in their truth. You've been doing good so far earth babe, but you can do a little more. Continue to push yourself forward. What started off as a baby crawl this year is now a jog, if you keep this up, you'll be in marathon shape by end of the year. Create a crystal kit to keep you going and a set some goals this Full Moon. 

Peace, Love & Happy Full Moon! 


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