Once in a Blue Moon? 6 Ways to Get Ready for the Ultimate Lunar Event

You know that saying "once in a blue moon"? Well, on January 31, 2018 you will experience a blue moon. It's been dubbed a Super Blue Blood Moon and if that's not enough to get you excited, there will also be a lunar eclipse at the sam time. So if you've been feeling a little more passionate or perhaps daring, well that's exactly why. Many of us are sensitive to the moon energy days before it arrives and this moon in particular is already working its magic by charging people up with positivity and bringing a lot of things to light in our lives. Whatever you've been thinking about or suppressing will surface these days and it's a good thing. Maybe you've been crushing on someone for too long and work up the courage to tell them or perhaps you are ready for a new job or ready to part with old patterns to receive newness. Don't be surprised to get phone calls from exes who want you back or opportunities that pop up outta nowhere. Whatever is in your heart, this moon wants to remind you in order to grow we must let go of whatever holds us back in the darkness and step to the light. We were born to shine, take chances, have fun and live in pure joy and this moon wants to help us do just that. She's coming in a big way so we can harness her energy.

So here's how to prep: 

1. Clean your living space up and organize so the flow of energy runs through pushing in positivity. 

2. Sage your place. Our Little Good Vibes kit is one way to cleanse the bad vibes away.  If you don't have sage, try Palo Santo or incense. 

3. Write out what you want to release and replace in your life. In other words, what are you ready to let go of? Fear, anger, lack of friends, lack of love? Anything that no longer serves you. You can phrase it like this: "I release ________ and replace it with________." You can list intentions as you like.  On the 31, make sure you write them down and read them out loud. Saying something out loud has more clout. 

4. Place a cup of water outside over night. Let it sit outside loading up on full moon energy. The next morning bring it inside and sprinkle it around your home, on yourself or anything you want to have magical moon power. 

5. Leave your crystals to charge on the window sills or you can take them outside. I usually leave mine outside for some extra pow pow. 

6.Take a moon bath. Stand outside and soak up the lunar rays. Speak out your intentions. I usually walk around my neighborhood doing this and I feel wonderful after.   

Happy Full Moon Loves! Can't wait to manifest magic with you all. 






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