New Moon in Taurus, May 4


On May 4, 2019 a new moon will rise in Taurus. You will look up in the sky and will not see her for you she wants you to remember at the start of new beginnings we must allow our inner light to guide us. New moons are the birth of a new cycle. The start of a new chapter. An opportunity to do what we have been putting off or a new idea that came to us. We all must start from scratch during this time and be brave to begin. 

This new moon is in Taurus. A sign of stability, stubbornness and grounding. May is also the month to recognize mother's and pay homage to all the goddesses who bring life into this world. You are a special being that was brought here by a goddess, are you willing to set the wheels in motion and push yourself? There are 7 months left of the year. This is symbolic and positive # in the spiritual world. All is in your favor. Are you ready? 

Here's what to expect for the New Moon & How to Harness The Moon Energy:                                                                                                                                                                          

AIR SIGNS: Plant new seeds and get grounded. 

Aquarius: Something has changed in you. Something wonderful and magnificent has blossomed in your spiritual being. Someone or something has inspired you again and it is what you so desired. Taurus is here to help you birth your ideas it into the physical realm so you can share it with others. She will bring you much grounding, earthly love and prosperity, air child. It is time to settle down, roll up your sleeves and follow your heart now. Light our jasmine candle and make a wish. 

Gemini: You have excelled and learned a great deal these last few weeks. The universe is proud of your improved ability to listen to others. Often times, you forget to hear what others have to say as you are often focused on your own mind. Gemini, people love to share with you. They seek your wisdom and adore you. In hearing others out, you also gain insight. Taurus, helps you connect back to earth and to your physical responsibilities to others. Create a crystal kit for grounding.

Libra: You thrive on balance as Taurus strives for stability. This month, you will find anything that has been suspended finally is resolved. It will feel like a giant boulder has been lifted off your back. Physically, you will feel better than you ever have. If you haven't been exercising, this moon is going to inspire you to get physical so have fun in a cool workout class  and in bed, too. Did we mention, may brings a lot of love into your life? Use our jasmine candle and blow out a gratitude wish. 


FIRE SIGNS: Fuel your fire by doing good for the earth

Aries:  Don't get worked up honey. There's so much passion pouring through your pores and it's a beautiful thing when you learn to transmute it. When something doesn't go your way or if something falls apart, remember the universe is moving your schedule around in your favor. You will get some unexpected free time this month so enjoy it, rest and do something wonderful for the planet. The earth will be grateful to your kind loving soul. Douse yourself with our Aura Cleanser when you need your soul to be refreshed. It will bring you zen. 

Leo: It's going to be a busy month full of lots of work opportunities and social outings. Make sure to get your rest, drink your water and exercise to keep your energy levels up high. You will meet two important people this month. One that will share much wisdom and inspire you. Another is a soulmate that returns from the past to reconcile. In our human life, Leo forgiveness is key. You don't need to let that person back into your journey, but do consider forgiving. It will give you a freedom. Use our Sage Kit to keep your energy clean and positive. 

Sagittarius: An old friend you have lost touch with has been thinking of you. It's time to pick up the phone and check on them. This person thinks of you often and always sends you light. This month, is a time for you to reconnect with past relationships and family. There is much to learn from these beings right now that will help you see how far you have grown and where you need to go from this point on. Use our jasmine candle to bring love and clarity in your life. 


WATER SIGNS: Time to smell the flowers and see the seeds of your labor.                                                                                 

Pisces:  Swim up to shore and spend some time grounding yourself. It's time to take care of your earthly duties and watch the seeds you of your labor finally blossom. Lots of doors now open easily for you, Pisces. You'll have options this New Moon and month. Choose wisely. Use our jasmine candle to summon clarity in your life. 

Cancer: It's a good time for stability sweet Cancer. This time period is one where you will flourish and do well in work and relationships. Taurus inspires you to stay grounded and remember your inner power. Aside from work and friendships, there is a new love coming your way. It can be someone or something that will aspire you to be a better person. Do you know who or what it is? Use our jasmine candle to help you obtain a vision. 

Scorpio: Oh Scorpio, you definitely like to play with a lot of fire for being a water sign. When will you ever learn? What you are looking for in the outside world will not fulfill you. What you need lives deep inside you.  Surround yourself around loving and peaceful people that can inspire you to go within. Have fun this month for it raises your energy and will help you see what you are looking for clearly. Use our jasmine candle to light up love and good energy when you set your intentions. 



EARTH SIGNS: Love begins to bloom 

Capricorn:  Love is in the air and you will find many people gravitating towards you this month. If you are not in a relationship, expect to be in one very soon. This is something you have been avoiding for several reasons. Now, is not the time to be such a control freak and let it just be. One of the most beautiful things, this journey has to offer you, is love. Use our jasmine candle to light the way to your heart.

Taurus: It's your new moon so you will feel a surge of power running through your body. Everything feels good this month. You feel the stability you crave and everything flows in your favor. Just don't let your stubbornness kick in when a friend points something out you need to hear. You might not like it, but it is a lesson of wisdom being brought before you. Light our clarity candle to help you see that wisdom. 

Virgo: Time to start a new chapter. What do you really want? Why do you want it?  What are you willing to do for it? The universe says to answer these 3 questions before the new moon. If you can do that with sheer honesty and vulnerability, the universe promises to help you. It is time to get disciplined and let go of the extracurricular activities for a bit. Sacrifices will need to be made in order to reach this goal. Light our jasmine candle to light your goals into existence. 

Peace, Love & Happy New Moon! 


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