New Moon in Pisces Brings Emotions Out & Mercury in Retrograde

                                                                                                                                                       On Wednesday , March 6, will be diving into the deep blue dream world that Pisces takes us to swim in. It's time let go and let it flow despite the emotional waves that come crashing into our lives throughout this period. Especially, since our old tough love friend Mercury Retrograde who we love because ( she helps us grow and hate at the same time because why she always gotta make us do so much work) is coming. She arrives on our doorsteps on Tuesday March 5 , too. Emotions will run high and low depending on each sign, but it all won't be bad. We gotta feel in order to grow right? And that means letting go of feelings that stunt our growth. Feelings are teachers about ourselves. If you've been holding a grudge it's time to let it go. If you've been desiring love but have been afraid to get hurt, it's time to let go of that idea that love will hurt you so you can bring in a love that won't. And if you're not ready don't worry Retrograde is our drill Sargent and she is gonna get us ready to achieve and leave behind what we need to let go till March 28.  Now, here's the good part, we all get out stronger, feeling accomplished and some of us with many wonderful doors opened. So get excited. And if that isn't enough good news, well, there will be lots of signs falling head over heels in love. Some with soulmates, others with new courses they take via work or some with new hobbies that turn into something more. 

The Pisces New Moon is the start of a new cycle, it is highly recommended you set your intentions before Monday since retrograde starts March 5 and the lines of communication get wonky after. If you are near the ocean release intentions in there so the Pisces energy can take them if not make sure to implement a nice bath after you set them and recite them in the tub.                                                                                                                                                                                              Sign up for Reiki Relaxation for Retrograde and candle intention.

Here's what to expect according to your zodiac: 


 AIR SIGNS: Watch your words and prosper that way

Aquarius: Just like Pisces you are a dreamer and this period will be a great one for you getting inventive and lots of financially flow. The downside is the emotional part which you dread. Never one to cry in front of others or be overly sensitive to others issues, it's best if you zip it up this Retrograde period as not to offend anyone who is spilling their guts to you. People flock to you for help Aquarius because you are wise and nonjudging, but sometimes people aren't ready for the truth which well you tend to serve sometimes like one giant clump of cold mash potatoes instead of giving them a lovely warm presentation. Delivery is key in the meantime, just listen and nod and ask them what they feel they should do instead of giving them an answer.  Use our Palo Santo to calm you.

Gemini: Get your matching swimsuits twins, it's time to get refreshed with the Pisces water.  This season you will be feeling much more on top of your game and gaining a lot of knowledge not to mention a raise/ promotion. Just like Aquarius, make sure to control that little mouth of yours. We love your humor and honesty, but now is not the time to be a savage okkuuuurrr. Just like your Aquarius sister, you have no problem telling people what's up and checking them, but Gemini during Reorgrade you're gonna have to put your angel halo on and B-E-H-A-V-E. If someone asks you their opinion, call SOS, pretend you have laryngitis, or start to cough and change the subject, speaking with gentle kindness will get you far this season. Check out our Palo Santo Spray to keep you in check. 

Libra: Pisces' new moon will have you floating around in la la land. This is good for you Libra, sometimes it's good to let go and not always be so regimen in your routine. This season springs a new love in your life that you've been wanting to experience. It can be a new person or passion project whatever it is just enjoy this time. Make sure to truly end something whether a former relationship or commitment before starting new. Pisces water is cleansing and pure wonderful energy for new starts. Our Gift Set is Ideal for you


FIRE SIGNS: Tempers flare, but Pisces helps to cool them down. 

Aries:  People forget how sensitive you truly are and with Retrograde around you, you might find yourself wanting to throw fireballs at some people, luckily Pisces is here to help you cool off. Aries, you like Leo and Sag, benefit from lots of bubble baths and dips in the ocean. It balances you. In fact, we suggest ordering our Sage spray and spritzing yourself whenever you feel imbalanced. 

Leo: Cats are not fond of the water, but when faced with an obstacle they can cross it. Leo, don't be afraid to cross over to where you want to be right now. The only one that can cage you from success is you. We suggest you start practicing your swimming because Retrograde is expected to push you where you've been second guessing yourself to be. It might be an emotional swim and you might think you'll drown half way, but we can assure you, this new moon is here to light the path while Retrograde will be in your ear saying go, go, go. Our Courage & Will Power Kit will help.

Sagittarius: Grab a box of Kleenex, it's time to let go of whatever you've been holding onto. Pisces will have you remembering something that you haven't healed yet. Okay, Sag we know you are a doer, you do so much for everyone and you really are an inspiration of strength, but you are also human. There is 1 thing stopping you from reaching your full potential. It's when you bottle up and bury your feelings. It's not good to hold it in, so rent a sad movie, order some Postmates and then write a letter of what you want to let go of so you can once and for all cure that emotional constipation you have and be free. Either way, Retrograde is gonna help you flush it down the toilet for good. Use the Emotional Balance Crystal for help. 


WATER SIGNS:                                                                                                 Pisces:  Sweet mermaids, we adore your sensitive and dreamy spirit. As a whole, you teach us to go inward and connect with everyone around us softly and compassionately. A true role model you are in that sense and it is your season to shine and do stuff for you that will help you advance your ultimate goals and grow your personal power.  Get the Clarity crystal to increase your psychic powers here.

Cancer:  As a water sign you're going to grow in hyper speed this season since your 3rd eye is going to be opening in ways you have yet to experience. Dreams will seem very real and a lot of it will convey answers to your future and what to do next. With Retrograde around just remember not to take other people's attitudes or issues personally. The Clarity crystal  is also great for you.

Scorpio: L-O-V-E  is what this season is all about. If in a long-term relationship, communication is key. It is important to have 1 on 1 talks with your partner so you can help your relationship blossom. This person you chose for a special reason so work it out. If starting a new relationship, things will get hot and heavy, make sure you buy that condom pack because with Retrograde around one of you might forget to have protection. Our Heart Healer Kit will help. 


Capricorn: It's a good season for Caps. Oh yeah, lots of admirers will be gravitating to you not to mention some major awards for all the work you've been putting in. We gotta, tell you the stars are aligned and shining brightly for you. Protect the vibes with Our Good Vibes Kit. 

 Taurus: It's time to swim with a school, lots of knowledge comes through for you during this time. It would be good for your health to embrace more group activities or classes like yoga or painting. Plus, your intuition will be soaring. Don't be afraid to tap into it and give yourself or others clarity just be mindful of doing it in person or via facetime since Retrograde messes with communication. Our Sage Trio Kit has it all. 

Virgo: It's been a grounding time thanks to your Full Moon that helped many signs start putting into reality what Aquarius helped them envision, but now with Retrograde and emotional Pisces, there will be even more growth as a whole for everyone including you. Just get swimming and don't look back to compare what's in the past to the present. Make your kit of crystals.    

TIP: Remember the new moon is the beginning of a cycle. It is a time to let go of what of what no longer serves us so that we can make room for new in our life. Make sure to sign up for our Reiki for Retrograde & get a candle lit.  

Peace, Love & Happy New Moon! xx Annie 




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